Texans for Reproductive Rights – It’s Now or Never to Fight Back

I have a good friend who lobbies on behalf of reproductive rights in the state.  They have asked to remind anonymous but they want to get the following information out to as many people as fast as possible.  PLEASE re-post, tweet, paste all over Facebook.  Get the word out!

Republican Texas Legislature Seeks to Suppress Women and Cut Off Access to Birth Control

May 25, 2011

The Texas Legislature has been meeting since January to debate a grim budget prospective for the next two years. In a session where money is tight and there are many losers, Women are losing the most.

The anti abortion groups and the Republican party have single handedly ensured that it will be next to impossible for low income women to have access to healthcare and contraceptives through Family Planning services. The Republicans have continued to chip away at funding for family planning until there is virtually nothing left. They say that it’s about defunding Planned Parenthood and ending abortion, but there is no better way to end abortion than to engage in Family Planning. After all if a pregnancy never occurs there is no choice to be made.

So what does this mean for Texas? With no access to family planning services women will not be able to afford birth control which means the unplanned pregnancy rate will go up. This also means the abortion rate will go up because 50% of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion. Of the births that come to term most will be paid for through Medicaid which means an estimated increase of $300 Million to the Texas Medicaid budget over the next 2 years.

This can all be prevented by fully funding Family Planning. In Texas there are only 8 Planned Parenthoods and there are 78 stand-alone family planning clinics who have NOTHING to do with abortion never have and never will. Those 78 family planning clinics have prevented 80,000 abortions over the last 2 years. The Anti Abortion Groups do a lot of talking about ending abortions but these family planning clinics are actually doing something tangible about ending abortions. If the funding for family planning is not restored in the state budget these stand-alone family planning clinics will be forced to close leaving no other alternative for women than Planned Parenthood.

If you believe that women have a right to control when they have a child through family planning please call your State Senator & State Representative. Your voice will make a difference. Calls must be made before this Friday, May 27, 2011. To find out who your State Senator & State Representatives are go to http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/

For more reading from the press on this issue try the following links:


3 thoughts on “Texans for Reproductive Rights – It’s Now or Never to Fight Back

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  2. you’re an absolute moron! most of the women you refer to can’t afford their own insurance or their own medication and definitely can’t afford a baby. the smart family works works to make ends meet and knows how to plan a family on their own. instead of encouraging women to have sex and don’t worry about the consequences, why don’t you encourage them not to have sex at all until they are ready to have a baby or encourage them to actually work so they can afford insurance to have a baby. the money to fund planned parenthood doesn’t come from the government, it comes from the tax payers and tax payers should not have to pay for someone else’s stupid choices!
    if you want planned parenthood- pay for it yourself!

  3. If you want police protection – pay for it yourself!

    If you want roads that don’t have potholes – pay for it yourself!

    If you want libraries – pay for it yourself!

    If you want an education – pay for it yourself!

    Please, take your slut-shaming somewhere else. It doesn’t work on me. Also, your ignorance about what life is actually like for poor people, especially women, or even what access to health insurance in this country is like is too great for me to even begin to respond to your idea that by simply “working” one achieves adequate health care.

    Surprisingly, your rant here has not changed my mind at all. It just reminds me that people who hate Planned Parenthood have a whole lot of room in their hearts for all kinds of hate.

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