I see what you did there, CNN

Image is a screen shot of a CNN article titled, “Boy or a girl? It’s a secret — and an international controversy” by Paula Newton.  It begins like this,

Ottawa, Canada (CNN) — The name ‘Storm’ may be gender-neutral, but it is also listed as a synonym for controversy.  And at just 4 months old, blond-haired, blue-eyed Storm and his Canadian family have stirred a parenting debate still brewing across continents.”

The image draws attention to the second sentence of the article where Newton immediately genders storm as a he by using the pronoun “his.”

CNN couldn’t even write two(!) sentences about this story without feeling the need to do the exact opposite of what this child’s parents want.  And we don’t even know if that is the “right” gender.  They guessed and picked the male gender.  Nice.

If you want an example of how CNN could have handled it, look at this op-ed by Storm’s mom penned in The Vancouver Sun.  Scroll to the bottom, first sentence of last paragraph.  Also, if you read that whole thing and have a problem with what these parents are doing, please explain why.  I don’t get the opposition or why people are so concerned about this loving, caring, thoughtful family.


2 thoughts on “I see what you did there, CNN

  1. Good catch on the CNN lede. As to why all the kerfuffle – well it’s a story that meets at the intersection of Gender Street and Childrearing Avenue – and everybody has an opinion on those topics. I’d be hard pressed to find two more political topics than these.
    I’m in the unique situation of watching four of my grown children raise children of their own – ranging in age from 5 years to less than 2 months. Their parenting styles differ – often dramatically – from the more traditional to hippie veganism. They agonize over decisions like gender sensitivity, discipline, etc. Sometimes I see my parenting style reflected- and sometimes they make choices I wouldn’t have made.
    But the final result is 5 cherished grandkids -(so far!) growing up in the welcoming arms of a large extended family and each joyfully negotiating the world as they find it. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

  2. My MIL treated us to an earful about this last week. She insists that children MUST be reinforced with “boy” or “girl” otherwise they won’t know what they are.

    Well, they’re humans. But that seems far too simple.

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