It’s been 1 year

I know I haven’t been posting as much here on scatx in the last few months.  It’s a combination of traveling, working on my diss, and trying to keep up with KYBOOMU.

But I dearly love this blog so I wanted to make sure to make note of my first blog-o-versary which happens tomorrow.

First post ever: In Hyde Park, London.

One of my earlier posts that I am still proud of and the story it’s about still makes me emotional: BART officer shot Oscar Grant point blank, but INVOLUNTARILY, in the back while Grant was lying on the ground.

This is BY FAR the most-viewed post on my site (and for good reason): BACK THE FUCK OFF: One woman’s abortion story and why politicians need to leave women alone.

This is my second most-viewed post and the one I am most proud of writing: Equating Slavery and Abortion: Where are the Women in this story?

This one still hits close to home as I lost someone near and dear to breast cancer when she was only 33: Fuck “Save the Tatas.”

Some other ones I like or am fond of for one reason or another:

And like all success (which I feel this blog has basically been, especially based on what I imagined it to be when I started out), there are plenty of people to thank.  These are the blogs that have somehow featured my posts at one point or another:

  • More than any other, Shakesville (which is, hands down, my favorite blog and I respect the hell out of Melissa McEwan and her crew of truth-tellers over there)
  • Feministe (because of their “Shameless Self-Promotion” posts every Sunday that I have taken advantage of)
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic (still squee everytime I think of him giving anything of mine props)
  • Feministing (huge supporters of KYBOOMU but did highlight my “Back the Fuck Off” post)
  • Inconsequential Logic (run by the awesome Roschelle)
  • Historiann (holding it down for feminist historians in the blogosphere and doing an amazing job at it)
  • Hysterical Marissa

Also, thanks to everyone who has read anything, has commented anything, and has supported me along the way.  I appreciate it more than I can ever, ever say.

Here’s to another year!  This one will be marked by my completing my dissertation, entering the academic job market, and teaching a survey course at a university as well as getting majorly angry over all the shit going down in the legislatures across this country.  Should be an adventure!


3 thoughts on “It’s been 1 year

  1. Happy Blog birthday, scatx. Wishing you many more, here’s a candle_ i_ and some virtual cheesecake >.

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