Ever wonder what Miss USA 2011 contestants think about evolution?

I wish I had time to write a transcript.

“The Biblical stuff” – Miss Georgia

“I believe evolution should be mentioned in school.” – Miss Idaho

“I honestly don’t think you could ever have too much knowledge on any subject.  That’s my personal view.  But I do feel that evolution shouldn’t be taught in schools just because there are so many different views on it.  So many definitions of it.  I mean, how do you teach a child the true meaning of evolution when so many different cultures have their different beliefs and sciences have their different theories?” – Miss Kentucky

“I think any learning possibility is good.” – Miss Massachusetts

Miss Minnesota is really Catholic.

“I definitely think it should be presented as an option.” – Miss Montana

“Everything should be taught in schools.” – Miss New Jersey

“Science is a huge thing that we need to continue to enrich our schools with.” – Miss New Mexico

“I think, ‘why not’?” – Miss Ohio

“Every theory of how we came to be here should get a shout out.” – Miss Oregon

“I think it’d be something interesting to learn about, just something extra kids to know about it.” – Miss Texas

“I would say ‘yes,’ but somebody’s mad now.” – Miss Utah

YAY, Miss Vermont.  Right up until, “Might as well learn about it.”

“I think little bits and pieces of evolution should be taught in schools.”

“I think science is great…. I think facts should be stated…. I believe in the truth and the truth only, not somebody’s imagination or whatnot…. I think facts, not theories, should be taught.” – Miss Washington

“I don’t think religion should be taken out.” – Miss West Virginia

So many women talking about “both sides.”  Wow.  So many talking about students making their own choices once they know all the facts.  So cryptic and vague but also crystal clear.


One thought on “Ever wonder what Miss USA 2011 contestants think about evolution?

  1. I think only one or two of them even knew what evolution was. Not once did any one bring up how it really has no bearing on people’s beliefs and so many treated it not like a scientific fact but like a separate belief system to follow almost like a religion.

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