Fuck You, Newsweek

For making me feel like I need to defend Bachmann in any way at all ever.  But this picture of her on your cover – it’s bullshit.  And it’s what happens to women who dare to do the unthinkable – run for public office.  Conservatives can cry all they want about this being an attack on conservatives via their female candidates – it totally is but it’s not some new tactic devised by liberals, it’s a product of our misogynistic and patriarchal culture that is constantly reminding ALL women who venture in the public and political sphere that they are in the wrong place.  Shakesville has made it clear over and over again that the the woman who bears the biggest brunt of this pain is Hillary Clinton (case in point last week).

Maybe Newsweek does have a bias against conservative female candidates, though.

Also, Newsweek’s tumblr can’t get enough of their super hilarious, couldn’t-be-funnier picture of that batshit crazy lady, Michelle Bachmann.  I love seeing a beautiful woman get trashed by the MSM via her picture (/sarcasm).


One thought on “Fuck You, Newsweek

  1. your absolutely correct, it is bullshit. I despise everything Michelle Bachmann represents politically. It is childishly easy to find fault in her policies and speeches. Newsweek does us all a disservice when they make fun of an individuals appearance. Are the writers and editors of Newsweek insufficiently skilled to show the fallacies and inadequacies of Michelle Bachmann’s political positions so they publish that awful picture as their opinion? Choosing to put that photo on the cover of a magazine is a slap in the face, they should be ashamed of themselves.

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