Be a Man: Ron Swanson Edition

In case you don’t why I have that picture there on the right of the “Be a Man” license tag, it originally came from this post written on July 29, 2010.  My partner (who originally spotted the car) saw it again in April 2011 and I wrote about it then, too.

Therefore, “Be a Man” has been an ongoing joke within my family and part of my overall online personality for (what feels like) a long time now (it’s the one picture here on the blog and is also my Twitter avatar).

Last night, my partner and I sat down to watch what has become our most favorite show on TV: Parks and Recreation.

Literally 30 seconds into the episode (which you can watch here), we learn that Ron Swanson (perhaps one of the greatest TV characters ever) is a troop leader for the boys-only Pawnee Rangers. And that he personally wrote the survival guide. And it contains one page and a single line of text that reads:

1. Be a man.

That would have been a funny joke had we not had a connection to that phrase via that ridiculous Texas license tag.

Then later last night, I sent Melissa McEwan (of Shakesville fame) a tweet about it because she and I have previously discussed our shared love for both Parks and Rec and, in particular, Ron Swanson.

I tweeted her:

Ron Swanson’s entire Pawnee Ranger handbook is what’s written on the license tag on my avatar. #uhmazing #kismet #ParksandRec

And in all her awesome glory, Ms. McEwan responded with this gif:

You’re welcome.


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