Port Huron/OWS

An email one of my very smart colleagues/best friends sent me:

From the Port Huron Statement (1962): “that the economy itself is of such social importance that its major resources and means of production should be open to democratic participation and subject to democratic social regulation…” The concentration of wealth and power in the “military-industrial power” leads to the “general militarization of American society” and creates a relationship between business, the military, and politics that undermines democracy and disempowers the average person.

We are the 99%? 🙂

Then I responded and asked 1) if I could put this on this blog and 2) what is the Port Huron Statement. They said:

Sure. The stuff in actual quotes is from the Port Huron Statement. The other text is from Robert Pardun’s Prairie Radical and it’s a good interpretation of the Port Huron Statement. But if you want to give credit to both…there ya go.

The Port Huron Statement is generally regarded as the manifesto of SDS and the New Left. It came out of the Port Huron Conference in 1962 during which a bunch of leftists and early SDSers got together to basically figure out what was happening and where they were going. They had been doing a lot of talking (and did a lot of talking) and those ideas are what Tom Hayden articulated in the Statement. It’s really beautiful to read. It really does capture in a lot of ways what the New Left was about and what guided their politics.

And in case you want to read it: The Port Huron Statement


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