On this post about why I think we need the #occupyrapeculture hashtag, Somebody42 suggested #unoccupyrapeculture:

Do you want to consider “unoccupyRapeCulture” to avoid the “occupy” terminology that many First Nations and other POC find triggerig? It’s also a bot mote literally reflective of what we want to happen

It appears that people think that is too long (from what I can gather on Twitter). These ideas are on the table:

  • #evictrapeculture
  • #endrapeculture
  • #stoprapeculture

UPDATED: ANNNNNDDDDDDD….. through a bit of consensus, we’ve gone with #evictrapeculture. I hope it picks up. See you on Twitter (I’m @scatx).


One thought on “#UNoccupyrapeculture

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