Rape Culture, meet Siri >> WAIT, you’ve already met.

@amaditalks tweeted: “@ShelbyKnox @WentRogue @abortioneers If you say “I’m hurt” she’ll give you hospitals. Say “I was raped” she replies “Is that so?””

All I have to say in response to this is…WOW. I don’t think Apple is trying to be mean or anything. I just think the guys who programmed Siri didn’t even consider this. And really, Apple can do better. Once I hear of any coordinated efforts to contact Apple about this issue, I’ll post about it.

But there’s more! >> It appears that Siri (whether or not she means to be) may also be anti-choice. [My Siri, though, appears to be more pro-choice than ant-choice. So….]

Amadi’s tumblr can be found here.


My friend, LB, who is an awesome feminist and programmer, had this to say about all of this:

I have to say, from a programmer’s point of view I’m not ready to conclude that Siri is anti choice or sexist — I’ve asked Siri some basic questions and it’s responded “Is that so?” I think that’s a canned response when it doesn’t understand what you want. That said, I’d imagine 90% of the programmers were men and they’re definitely not sensitive and some of those responses are certainly suspect. I also think Apple is a pretty liberal company and would probably be appalled if they found out they were being perceived as anti-choice, so more power to you trying to get their attention.

I responded:

I agree with everything you wrote. Especially because the programmers planned for the possibility of people propositioning Siri (she gives you info on escort services). This is about what people see and what they don’t because of culture that produces them. There’s no intentional malice – at all – but it’s disturbing nonetheless.

Screen shot proof:

Siri said: “I don’t know what you mean by ‘I’ve been raped.'”

In response to me saying “I’ve been hurt”:

In response, Siri listed 7 hospitals.

Here is Apple’s contact page (lower right is “Feedback”).


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