The Eviction of Occupy Philly

One of my best friends lives in Philly and has participated with Occupy Philly since the beginning. Here are all of his Facebook posts last night. He went down to the site, filmed a bit, feared his own arrest, and returned home. He then posted on Facebook what he saw going down on the livestream.

His video:

  • helicopters woke me up at one. went to city hall. occupy getting evicted. subways closed, sidewalks blocked, tons and tons of riot police. marched from dilworth to rittenhouse — riot police enclosed park, refused entry. mic check speeches ensued. then marched from rittenhouse, down walnut, back up spruce, past park, onto city hall — still closed with huge team of police, firecrew, etc. clearing out plaza, though you can’t get even close to close. no arrests, violence, or confrontation. at least 100 or more occupiers, no matter what news says (all local media were in full force). not sure what happens next. trying to be hopeful. the militarization of the city and the police was pretty scary to see, but the police were scared too. hoping there’s no violence tonight.
  • left to avoid arrest. it’s starting to get tense. watching livestream.
  • barricades down. swat out of trucks now.
  • protestors separated, they trying to reunite.
  • more riot gear/batons/shields, buses, hoses from fire dept. crowd has thinned but they’re serious.
  • link to livestream:
  • arrests are coming soon, if Philly Weekly is right. one of their reporters got picked up
  • are philly and la evictions being coordinated at federal level? twitter seems to think so.
  • arrests :/
  • mounted units/horses moving on crowd.
  • abc news is full of crap. ugh.
  • arguments with cops about jobs/taxes. meanwhile the people who run the city cozy in the ‘burbs or the highrises. #pointlesstoargueamongourselves
  • they got blocked from the friends society — the regroup/sleep spot. some seem ready/eager for arrest, to get the media attn. thousands watching on livestream, trending on twitter. arrests in philly and la began at same time.
  • “we have traded a tyrant one thousand miles away for a thousand tyrants one mile away.” #creativechants
  • not a fan of the anti-police chants. even if they are brutal, gotta not provoke, gotta remember they take home shit pay.
  • supposed to regroup at rittenhouse tomorrow at 4pm. will the park be riot-blocked during day time? could be some interesting pics tomorrow, if momentum doesn’t wither.
  • if police let into park, they wouldn’t be marching through streets and closing off traffic. what is the strategy? if it was arrests, there have been no coordinated, mass arrest yet…
  • Police Band:
  • wil wheaton is pissed about LAPD blocking out media #iheartstartrek
  • #peaceableassembly
  • occupy la arrests:
  • ‎#occupyphilly goal appears to be to keep going until rush hour. not a bad plan for media attn. not a great plan for winning over commuter community.
  • lapd in hazmat suits. #pepperspray
  • police mobilizing again. broad and race.
  • Philly has poorest paid police department, big layoffs in PA and NJ. bailouts > public safety. #youarepartofthe99%
  • crashing. going to dream of wall street arrests and hope for protestors/police safety and the protestors’ liberty.
  • marchers blocked in, vans brought in. seriously like 50 or less protestors and like 200 or so police surrounding them.

And here is a video of a member of the press getting trampled on by a police on horse. Her foot was fractured:


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