Occupy Austin’s Carols

Tonight in downtown Austin, there was a community sing-along, followed by the lighting of the Christmas tree at the state capital and a parade down Congress Avenue.

During that parade, members of Occupy Austin caroled for the crowd three original songs that they create, which were, you guessed it, occupy-themed.

I asked multiple members of their community if I could post the lyrics on this blog and they said that was fine as long as I gave credit to the movement. As far as everyone knew whom I talked to, the songs were a collaborative effort and attributed to “anonymous.”

So, here are my two videos of them caroling.

The first is “CEO”, set to the tune of “Let it Snow:”

The second is “Occupy is coming to town,” set to the tune of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town:”

Here are some images of the lyrics (from the handout that occupiers were passing out), which include the two songs above and an additional song, “Corporate Jails,” set to the tune of “Silver Bells:”

Amazingly clever and well-sung.



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