My Gertrude Beer Stein can now be YOURS!

[If you end up getting one, send me a picture of you drinking out of it and I’ll post it here. My email: scatx [atttt] scatx [dotttt] com.]

A very good friend of mine, Laura Birek, works for building websites for NBC shows. One of the shows she works on and a personal favorite for both of us is Parks and Recreation. Back in December she sent me a picture of a gift that one of her co-workers and friends, Jen McCreary, made for her:

I nearly died with love. This is a Gertrude Beer Stein, which is from an episode of Parks earlier this season titled “Pawnee Rangers.” Leslie Knope, the lead character played by Amy Poehler, created a Girl Scouts-like group of young girls of which she was the troop leader. At one point in the show, while she is discussing what the girls are doing, they go around the room and the girls show off their skills. One amazing child holds up the “Gertrude Stein” she had created (this is the most feminist show on TV):

As soon as my friend sent me a picture of her Gertrude Beer Stein, I wanted one. She put me in touch with McCreary and I learned how to make one myself. And I did:

I also made it my Twitter avatar. And for months now, at least once a week, someone comments on how fucking cool my Twitter avatar is (it really is) and multiple people have asked me how they can get one for themselves.

Here is how:

1) download the picture (McCreary, who created original Stein, told me that this is “just something done for fun (as opposed to profit).” The image of Gertrude was “swiped from the web. I’m assuming because I altered it, it doesn’t infringe on any kind of copyright; but I don’t know, so you know…another reason why it should be a just for fun thing. Also, it’s not like I came up with the idea – that was clearly Parks and Rec! And all its amazing, hilarious genius.” If you own this image and want me to take it down, please let me know and I will kill this post ASAP.):

2) Go to and select the Gray/Blue mug.

3) Put picture on mug. Pay close to $30 and ship that sucker to you.

4) Get mug. Wash it out. Fill it with beer or root beer or, in Cougar Town style, wine. And enjoy.



6 thoughts on “My Gertrude Beer Stein can now be YOURS!

  1. Just a note: it seems as though Zazzle wouldn’t let me make the mug on account of some sort of copyright claim. 😦

  2. That seems to be the case, yeah. Something about the rights to her likeness!
    I suspect this picture has been used a bunch now so their systems recognize it immediately! I’m going to try a slightly modified version and see what happens!

  3. I just made one from Zazzle, and it’s in transit! Strange that they would catch one, but not another. I did it exactly like you described…
    Oh my, I’m so glad that I didn’t have a problem! My girlfriend (the literature professor) will be beside herself with joy!

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