This is ultimate result of stuff like “Save the Tatas”

From @attackerman:

THIS is ultimate result of breast cancer awareness campaigns that focus on breasts instead of people. This is exactly how campaigns that are motivated by goodness (supposedly) can be co-opted for misogynistic garbage like this. Why create the umbrella under which this bus can exist comfortably? It’s why I say repeatedly and LOUDLY: FUCK “SAVE THE TATAS” and all campaigns like them. That link (post and comments) will explain in detail why I hate this shit so much.

As my partner just said, “We definitely have to save the boobies so that we can look at them.” He says this as we both fume, holding back tears thinking of his sister whom we lost to breast cancer 3 years ago when she was 33. Fuck this shit.

[Final thought: There are specific boobs that these campaigns want to save. This bus shows it nicely. Those that belong to ladies. White ladies, specifically. Thin white ladies. These campaigns are fucked up.]


32 thoughts on “This is ultimate result of stuff like “Save the Tatas”

  1. Fighting breast cancer isn’t about saving breasts, it’s about saving LIVES! Groups like “The Scar Project” are told their photos are obscene/inappropriate by Facebook. Like “The Scar Project” says, “Breast cancer isn’t a pink ribbon!”

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  3. Thin young white ladies with big perky breasts.

    Oh, did an old or ugly woman get breast cancer? Who gives a shit.

    The pigs.

  4. I’m here via Shakesville. I am in the process of being treated for breast cancer. I have had 7 months of chemo, a modified radical mastectomy, and I start radiation next week. The prognosis is extremely good. But I hate the ‘save the ta-tas’ nonsense. It sounds like a bunch of middle schoolers reading the dirty words out of the dictionary and giggling. ‘Look, we can say ta-tas and boobies in public and it’s all okay – it’s for a good cause!’
    Here’s the deal. It’s not about saving the ta-tas. It’s about saving my life. And in order to save my life, one of the ‘ta-tas’ had to go. On bad days, I feel mutilated. And these people are making jokes with dirty words.
    Thanks for focusing on this. And thanks for letting me rant a little.

  5. Coincidentally, I saw a “Save the ta-tas” sticker on a car this afternoon, to which my immediate reaction was “Screw the ta-tas, save the women!” Followed immediately by wondering if I can get that on a bumpersticker somewhere. Because I would sure put it on my car, and I’m pretty sure my mother (mastectomy 2 y.ears ago) would to.

  6. Solidarity, Sam. Chemo bites. As do those times when your feminism is at odds with the medical establishment’s standard operating procedure. Shoot me a message if you ever want to talk about it. One of the few good things about going through it is the ability to then talk to other people who are going throuh it & answer questions & hopefully alleviate anxiety. (lauramellis at gmail)

  7. I love this post and I love Jeff’s post about the stupid boobstagram idiots…… I wonder, too, if Save the Ta Ta’s is showing up at the Speed Dating “Pink Media Event” in NYC in a couple of weeks. I know they endorsed this event on the stupid website. Every time I think it can’t possibly sink ANY LOWER, I see shit like this porn bus or two French guys getting women to take pics of their “ta ta’s” (and btw, WHO even says that word???? Tits, boobs, breasts….. check, check and CHECK)…..

    SO glad I found you…. Now I need to remember to add you to my blogroll of 80 and counting….. the people who I MUST read!!!


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  9. I see a lot of criticism here, but it seems misdirected. Here are the questions that should be asked: Is this campaign raising money? Is it raising money from shallow people who would not otherwise donate? Is the money being spent effectively? If the answers are all, “yes,” I don’t think the criticism is valid. Is your cause combatting breast cancer or sex in advertising? Would you tell a patient, “We want to cure you, but only with money from intelligent, empathic people. We’re insisting all the horny oglers keep their dirty money out of it.”?

  10. I don’t need you to mansplain to me about how I should feel about this issue. I LIVE this. My life and my family have swam in this muck for years. These messages of “you are only worth the breasts on your chest” have done NOTHING good for all the women in my life who have suffered from breast cancer in my family. Save the Tatas isn’t curing cancer. Pornhub isn’t curing cancer. They are making money off breast cancer victims and the sexualization of the disease.

    If horny oglers want to donate their money to this shit, that’s their prerogative. I don’t have to sit idly by and accept whatever money someone wants to throw at this problem. This crap is crap.

    If Save the Tatas cures breast cancer it will be at the expense of making lots of cancer survivors and those who lost their battle with cancer (after first losing their breasts in most cases) feel like shit. It will also have done so at the expense of sexualizing those cancer victims. I’m not okay with that. There are better ways to do this.

  11. With all due respect since this is not on my blog…Edward… You posed a question and it’s definitely a two parter.

    First, THESE are the questions that must be asked:

    1-How much does that shirt cost?
    2-How much money is being donated to an organization?
    3-We do the math and figure out HOW MUCH PROFIT was made as a result of MY mutilated body?

    1-WHERE are they donating the money?
    2-Is it going to an organization like Komen where those people are making over half a million dollars a year and spend donor dollars suing mom & pop grass roots advocacy groups because Komen, apparently, owns “the cure” ….. That’s a whole other story that would span several days…. There is a “Komen Watch” website if you care to check it out.
    3-Is it going to a community organization to “raise awareness” because frankly, there is NO NEED for “awareness campaigns” in the civilized world. Find me ONE person who isn’t aware about the need for screening…. Not the person who CHOOSES to ignore the need… those are the people who don’t want to wear a sear belt either…
    4-Guidestar and Charity Navigator are not the places to investigate the cause marketing that is pink.
    5-HOW much money is being spent on actual research to save actual lives? We are spending TOO much money on awareness or trying to convince women to get mammograms. Coaxing them…. to detect a couple of cancers… Meantime, on the other side, the women who followed all the rules, got cancer, had it spread and are BEGGING for anything to extend their lives… and a minuscule amount of the money donated is going to research.

    Cause marketing sucks. I’m not a cause. I’m not a brand. I’m a woman. I have a disease. I am in remission. I could just as easily become metastatic tomorrow. Billions of dollars, decades of research and NO PROGRESS…. That’s why some of us are pissed off at all of the bullshit organizations. We should ALL be pissed off. We should all be demanding better. We ALL know someone whose life was “touched” by breast cancer. Really, “destroyed” by breast cancer is a better term… but the point is….. WHY is it okay that we are still hacking off body parts? Why are the chemo drugs still the same? Why do I know this FOR A FACT? My mom had breast cancer in 1987. I was diagnosed in 2006. Had the same exact treatment. She got a 2nd breast cancer in 2007 AFTER ME…. then, my sister in 2010… and SHE too, Same Treatment. It’s all bullshit…. and until enough of us start making lots of noise……. nothing is going to change.

    There is a movie that is being screened across the US now. Pink Ribbons Inc. It tells the whole story. But a few internet searches and you will come upon some damn good arguments by women far more eloquent and far more intelligent than I am….and maybe they will change your mind….

    If someone is going to make a buck off of MY disease… MY misfortune…. I want to make sure the majority of that buck is being used to save lives.

    OK… apologies to scATX for ranting on her blog…..

  12. I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. This kind of thing will definately raise awereness for the cause, its sure to turn some heads. Its a fun way of appealing to people for a good cause. However I do think pairing up with pornhub is an extremely distasteful way of doing it. I think you’d have to be a moron to miss the point and think that its really about the boobies rather than the person, clearly breast cancer is a serious problem, but there’s no reason you can’t appeal to people in a light hearted way.

  13. It’s not a “fun” way. It’s a misogynistic, not-caring-at-all-about-actual-survivors way.

    Also, there was no “pairing up.” PornHub is exploiting the boob culture around breast cancer awareness to market itself.

    And no one is missing the point. The name of the organization is “Save the Tatas.” What they care about is pretty clear IN THEIR NAME.

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  15. Ohh! As I am stage IV and have been since 1998 (no evidence of disease until 2010 and I’ve been on Chemo ever since) I’m with you! I’d love to have my life back…heck, I’ll be happy if I can live long enough to see my daughter graduate from college…it sucks that she’s never known a healthy mom as I was first diagnosed at age 34, when she was 15 months old. Pink is becoming my least favorite color.

  16. And…after 20 years, don’t you think that most of us are AWARE? If you don’t get a mammogram when you should, then your head is in the sand. I was too young to get a mammogram when I was diagnosed…and this IS just a way for them to advertise themselves and how clever they are…I really doubt that ANYONE is going to donate any money or that this advertisement sent any woman running to schedule their mammograms.

  17. And what about those of us whose tatas could not be saved? I lost both mine at the age of 40, in the best shape of my life and doing all the “right” things. Seeing these unrealistic images and pruient slogans makes me throw up in my mouth. As for raising awareness, I call bullshit. Show me one person who isn’t “aware” of breast cancer.

  18. This in insane and obscene on a number of levels; and also perpetuates breast cancer myth-information. Young women don’t need to perform monthly breast self-exams. If this ad were going to tell the truth about “saving” boobs (and yes, it should instead be about saving women’s lives and the quality of those lives after diagnosis and treatment), they should thire a spokesperson like Helen Mirren to promote “awareness.” At least they would be targeting the age group most at risk — those over 60.

  19. I disagree with you about young women not needing to do self breast exams. ALL women need to do breast exams, just as ALL women are at risk for breast cancer, not just those who have a history of it I their family. I didn’t do breast exams because I thought that was something women in their 40s and 50s needed to do. At age 33, I found a lump by accident, but felt it couldn’t be breast cancer, I was young and had no history, by the time I realized I was in trouble it was stage 2. 4 years later it was stage IV. While that was in 1998, and I am still alive (initial diagnosis in 1994), I am fighting another recurrence in. Multiple bones this time and have been on chemo since 2010. If I had known we were all at risk, and had been doing self-breast exams, I probably would have been in a better situation, and my daughter who was 15 months old at my diagnosis might have had a mother who was not living under treatment or fear, or in chemo during her senior year.

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  21. What I find particularly interesting about the Boob Bus campaign is that no matter how hard I google, I can’t find a single article about a woman who went to the Boob Bus for an exam, or any data whatsoever on how many exams were given/women who were taught how to give selfexams.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wait for PornHub to send out the Penis Plane, where Billy Hart teaches dudes how to check for prostate cancer. :crosses fingers:

  22. Excellent post. I have the DVD “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” It’s a MUST WATCH for all of us. We all need to know where our donations go. I’m a 5-yr survivor of IBC and my money goes where I know it will be used correctly and not for big buildings, big salaries, etc.

  23. ALL women need to do breast self exams to look for ANY changes in their breasts. There are many young women in my IBC support groups who are dying because neither they nor their doctors were aware of the signs and symptoms of IBC I(nflammatory Breast Cancer). IBC usually doesn’t present with a lump and doesn’t usually show on a routine mammo. The tumors in IBC usually present in sheets or nests, not solid lumps. Learn the signs and symptoms to save your life because there are way too many doctors out there who are not aware of them. You can see the signs and symptoms at

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