Last week I wrote a post called, “Safe, legal, accessible, affordable, subsidized abortion on demand for whoever needs or wants it for whatever reason.”

Yesterday was the National War on Women rally and I was tweeting under their main hashtag, #UAWOW. The Right, led by Michelle Malkin and Dana Loesch, went after the hashtag, spreading hate and lies and drivel. That, of course, just made me want to tweet more and more pro-choice things on the hashtag. As a result, I got lots of trolls on my account. One, Vinny, clicked through to my blog and found the above blog post.

To show the sort of fantastically terrible rhetoric that is associated with anti-choicers, I have screen shot his comment (I did NOT approve it for the blog because there is no way to TRIGGER WARNING like I am doing right now in this post before blogging it). It is after the jump. TRIGGER WARNING for racism, discussion of The Holocaust, misogyny, elimination-ist language.

The image reads:

Vinny commented on Safe, legal, accessible, affordable, subsidized abortion on demand for whoever needs or wants it for whatever reason.

Yes! Abortion should be free and available to any woman of any age. Especially low income brown skinned women. Enough of them already. Liberal women with useless liberal arts degrees and even more useless graduate degrees should be encouraged to not reproduce. And Jewish women, one holocaust wasn’t enough. No buns in your ovens. The later term the better. I’ve got a few medical waste companies in my portfolio and could use the increased volume. What you don’t get is, nobody gives a shit about your potential kids and grandkids being disposed of. People care about the humanity, but not the women who choose to abort. Society will be better off with fewer of your genes in the pool. So please, keep this win-win thing going. You get to abort and the rest of us won’t have to deal with your offspring.


2 thoughts on “Wow.

  1. ugh. ugh. ugh. one of the weirdest things to me about anti-choicers is they think abortion access activists don’t like or have children. the spectrum of reproductive justice includes parenting too, jackasses!

  2. I know. And he’s clearly targeting me with the “liberals with liberal arts degrees” and I was all, “TOO LATE! This liberal with a liberal arts degree has ALREADY procreated.”

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