Well played, sir

10 days ago I taught my final class for the semester. All the students did that day was take a reading quiz, watch a Funny or Die video, and say goodbye.

All semester, more than anything else, the students struggled on these reading quizzes (though “struggle” doesn’t even accurately describe it – overall, most people did just fine on them). So, I literally laughed out loud when I started reading one student’s responses to the final reading quiz of the semester:

[In response to the first two questions, they wrote out the lyrics to the opening sequence of every “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” episode.]

[In response to the question, “Why was that interesting?” this student wrote, “It is interesting because who would have thought a poor boy from the ghettos of Philadelphia could make it in an upscale city like Belair.”]

I’m going to miss these students more than I imagined.


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