Wisconsin vs. North Carolina

When the Democrats lose a big political battle in Wisconsin, the narratives that immediately spring up are “the GOP out-moneyed us” and “those democrats on the ground in Wisconsin fought really hard!”

As a juxtaposition, when the Democrats lost a major political battle in North Carolina a month ago, people couldn’t wait to talk about how North Carolinians were stupid and backward (how many more “you can marry your cousin” jokes could one stomach?). Also, the IMMEDIATE response was to boycott the state. I will be waiting to see if 14,000 people sign a petition overnight boycotting Wisconsin (but I won’t be holding my breath).

I know there is, perhaps, a qualitative difference here. North Carolina was chastised by the progressive media and progressives more generally because they voted directly against civil rights. But it isn’t that hard to argue that by voting to keep Walker, many Wisconsin voters put in a vote against civil rights, too.

There are dangerous narratives written about the South by progressives that perpetuate the stereotypes that keep progressives from fighting for us. It’s exhausting.

[these thoughts are continued in two others post: pt.2: A Case Study and pt. 3: vs. California]


5 thoughts on “Wisconsin vs. North Carolina


    Along with devaluing everyone who voted against A1, that made the backlash even more infuriating. And of course, you can’t call them out on it lest you want to be called a troll.

  2. Plus, frankly, it’s an abdication of responsibility: a lot of progressive coastal types are southerners by birth, who fled to the friendlier confines of New York or San Francisco or LA or Boston or wherever after college. What do you think will happen to these places if most of the people who’d be interested in making a difference or standing up for progressive values leaves the region to the small-minded? Those motherfuckers still get two Senators, no matter how many people are doing the electing.

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