No, Ms. Magazine. NO.

UPDATED: Kristin Rawls told me about this timely, on-point article about Bill Maher and some OTHER problems with him (his classism and how that classism is part of a larger problem among liberals). THIS is the man you have chosen to get behind, Ms.? I’m mystified.


A blog post on Ms. Magazine‘s site today begins thusly:

Comedian/talk show host Bill Maher has occasionally met with some well-deserved, withering criticism from feminists for sexist remarks he’s dropped on his provocative weekly show.

But Maher has also managed to tackle some significant issues of concern to women without trivializing them. And this Friday night, one of his guests on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher will be attorney Susan Burke, featured in the new issue of Ms. magazine for her tireless legal work on behalf of military women who have been sexually assaulted.

This is altered. It was more, “Rah rah! Maher!” but they changed it after people, including myself, complained about how the original wording made Melissa McEwan, whose post about Maher is linked under “withering criticism from feminists” in the first sentence, seem ridiculous for criticizing Maher.

Even though this newer, more balanced version is better, it still argues that Maher is okay for feminists to champion in whatever regard. McEwan has documented the MANY MANY MANY times that Maher has said terrible misogynist, homophobic, islamaphobic (you name it!) things.

I mean, it was just in early March that Maher defended Limbaugh after he called Sandra Fluke a “slut.” And as I argued then (on Twitter – no links), he wasn’t actually defending Limbaugh, he was defending himself. Because he goes around calling women he doesn’t like all sorts of terrible misogynist names, often (always?) unapologetically.

I don’t know why liberals, progressives, and ESPECIALLY feminists continue to support Maher in any fashion.

Yes, this one time he is doing something good, obviously spotlighting someone and something Ms. Magazine cares about. But that’s a deal with the devil. And I’m disappointed in Ms. for making it.


One thought on “No, Ms. Magazine. NO.

  1. Yes, this one time he is doing something good, obviously spotlighting someone and something Ms. Magazine cares about.

    And that presumes that he won’t turn her appearance into an opportunity to engage in “devil’s advocacy” against feminists and/or anti-rape advocates, which he has done before when feminist women have gone on his show.

    At minimum, what will happen is what ALWAYS happens when there’s a progressive female guest, and Maher will either “fake-apologize” to them when he does sexist and/or rape jokes, or the camera will linger on their reactions. Nothing makes me more infuriated with that garbage show than watching a progressive woman sit there with a terse, uncomfortable smile after Maher’s just done something like called Sarah Palin a cunt.

    I hate Maher for putting female guests in that position, and I hate that not a single one of them has ever walked the fuck off the set instead of sitting there tacitly approving of his rank misogyny.

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