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In this new Nike commercial (which I’m sure is in honor of Title IX’s 40th anniversary today), 4 women Olympians relate the hardships and realities of being a really good female athlete, how they had to make their own rules in order to play the sports they love.

It’s an amazing video. First time I saw it on TV today, I cried.

I’m barely an athlete but have been one in the past. And what it has meant to me to participate in organized sports since a young age is almost indescribable. The impact that Title IX has had directly on my life cannot even begin to be measured. I am so thankful I grew up in a world where Title IX was the everyday, where there was no question if my junior high and high school would have a girls’ basketball team.

Female athletes so often don’t get the respect, the glory, the paycheck, the recognition of their male counterparts but they keep doing it anyway. Because they love it. Because of what it means to play well, to accomplish something, to be the best.

Rock on, ladies.

And thank you, Nike, for this wonderful video.

[The video is not embeddable so you have to click through to see it. Annotated transcript below.]

Joan Benoit-Samuelson: “When I was growing up, girls just didn’t run in public.

Lisa Leslie: “No one on my all-boys team would pass to me.”

Marlen Esparza: “Dad told me I couldn’t be a boxer. He said I was too small.”

J B-S: “There was a guy who tried to spit on me and then pushed me out of his way.”

Diana Taurasi: “There comes a point when you have to be sure of yourself. People aren’t used to women being so passionate. It scares ’em.”

J B-S: “One day I just said ‘It doesn’t matter what other people think.'”

L L: “I’m a fashion model who can dunk.”

M E: “I’m a girl. That doesn’t mean I have to wear a skirt.”

D T: “It doesn’t mean I can’t get all fired up. They used to say, ‘That girl is crazy.’

L L: “But then I just kept winning.”

D T: “I didn’t set out to dominate. I just did.

L L: “Somebody’s gotta be the best. So why not me?”

J B-S: “I’m 55 years old and I run close to 70 miles a week.”

M E: “I never felt like quitting.”

D T: “There’s something telling me to do it every single day.” [LONG PAUSE] “I just wanna play ball.”


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