Helicopter Sharks

My son is 3, almost 4. He says lots of hilarious things, the way kids do. On Saturday, he was having a particularly creative day and I was tweeting out his particularly creative thoughts (I have since created a separate twitter account for his thoughts so that I don’t have to search through my very crowded twitter feed to find them: @Little_scATX).

Here is what he said while simply playing back in my bedroom, pretending the bed was a boat in the middle of the ocean:

I’ve got to hide from the helicopter sharks because they are going to eat me up!

There are birds in the water swimming. And the fish are eating them. Because they are scary fish. Do you know what I just saw? What I just told you? They ARE NOT fish. They are helicopter sharks.

Some helicopter sharks are nice. But not really. Some eat people and some eat fish and some real sharks.

Helicopter sharks are PRETEND sharks. That’s why they are eating the REAL sharks.

I thought I saw a REAL shark. The helicopter ones are blue. You know that? I don’t know what I’m saying.

And then people – the GREATEST people – sent me images they had created of helicopter sharks, images that my son LOVES:

By Ashley Bernard:

By Partario Flynn (and now the Twitter avatar for @Little_scATX):

By Zombie:

Sometimes it is hard to be so invested in social media and Twitter. It can be isolating or enraging. These last few weeks, in particular, have been trying, I’d say.

But the amazing response to my son’s quirky fantasy about helicopter sharks on Saturday shows why it is worth it and why I love the community of people that I interact with on Twitter.

Thank you all!

And beware of those helicopter sharks!!


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