“It Has Changed My Life”

Artist Heather Ault started the project 4000 Years for Choice to develop “visual narratives about the practices of contraception and abortion from around the world for the past 4000 years. The project hopes to celebrate, inspire, and empower women and men in their reproductive lives!”

Her latest is a graphic series titled “Reproductive Roots” that ”critiques the mainstream, political talking points found in the pro-choice movement by providing visual representations of inspiring, positive messages.”

And the latest in that series is a quote from….ME!!!!

The text on image reads, "Helping people get the abortions they want or need has been the most life-affirming thing I have done in a very long time. It has changed my life. - Jessica Luther" in background is a lake and some grass along the shore. The text is yellow.

I’m super excited about this. And you KNOW I’m going to be buying myself a poster ASAP (because you can buy this, as a card or a poster!!)

The quote in the image comes from a post I wrote after volunteering for the first time with my local abortion fund, Lilith Fund.

Ault’s work is really inspiring. I’m so thrilled to be at all a part of this amazing project.


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