On The Radio

The strangest thing happened to me yesterday. I was contacted by a producer for the Canadian Broadcast Company channel one show The Current and asked to appear this morning to discuss my post “No More ‘Save the Tatas,’ Please.

I originally wrote the post two years ago and have reposted each year since. I wrote a follow-up to the post earlier this year. Most recently, I cross-posted it at Flyover Feminism.

Then on Tuesday, Lisa Hix, in a post at Jezebel, gave my post at FF credit as inspiration for her writing about the topic of why breast-centered breast cancer awareness campaigns bother her. If I had to guess, I would say this was probably how The Current found me.

And so, at 5:30am this morning, I pulled myself out of bed and went to a local radio station and did my first ever national interview. I was extremely nervous and, of course, exhausted from the restless sleep, the early morning, and the endless rushes of adrenaline that had been coursing through my body since the producer confirmed that I would be on the show.

A picture of the microphone I used for my interview today. Has the double screen over it to filter noise.

My view during the interview today.

There was some technical difficulty – the headphones at the radio station didn’t work properly so instead of hearing everyone else through the headphones, I had to listen through a cell phone. This wasn’t a problem except that during the first answer I gave, someone was calling into the phone and it was beeping at me. There’s an awkward long pause mid-sentence because I thought the phone had hung up and I was unsure of what was going on. Alas, it was nothing. I survived. And then I ate. And then I slept.

Here is a link to the podcast of the show.

I am very happy that we are having this conversation about the marketing used in breast cancer awareness campaigns.

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