Talking Sports

For a couple of months earlier this year, I was a staff writer at Rant Sports. I wrote mainly about feminist-y types things in regards to soccer/football.

Eric hired me for the gig kinda randomly based on writing I had done here and things I had tweeted over on the Twitters. It also helped that I, like Eric, lived in Austin so we could meet up and discuss things over beers. As a boss, Eric was both extremely patient with me (I’m terrible about deadlines and completing assignments) and very encouraging. He’s also a wonderful editor, every writer’s best friend.

When Eric decided to leave Rant, I left, too. But now we’re friends.

He has a wonderful blog called Ex Pede Herculem that is mostly about soccer/football but sometimes more generally about sports . He asked me weeks ago (months ago?) to do a short interview with him (it’s three total questions) and in my typical fashion, it took me WAY too long to get around to it. But, in his typical fashion, Eric was patient and encouraging.

But here – FINALLY – is the interview. It’s me, talking sports, culture, bodies, and Boise St. vs. Oklahoma. Also fangirling over Dave Zirin.

Thanks, Eric!


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