This post is hard for me because I’m going to have to tell some truths about myself that I only ever say to myself and never out loud.

So, here goes.

First, I need to finish my dissertation like yesterday and I am at an absolute stand still. It’s reached a point of crisis, though, and it’s time for me to openly acknowledge that. If I want to finish in the spring and, really, I NEED to finish in the spring, it’s time to batten down the hatches and write until it is finished. Procrastination, my oldest friend, is no longer an option.

Second, I love being online too much, especially being on Twitter. And I think part of this is related to my angst and fears around my dissertation. While that part of my world feels like constant failure and lacks validation, the online communities in which I have become a part are endlessly encouraging, intellectually challenging, and ever-changing. But part of it is that Twitter is awesome. The people I have conversations with there are awesome. It’s fun.

Third, I cannot make myself not get on Twitter and other social media sites. I have tried all sorts of things to curb my use and I just give in every time. That is embarrassing to admit but it explains why I have decided to do what I have decided to do.

I’m going on a social media hiatus.

I’m going to stop tweeting. I’m going to stop facebooking. I’m going to stop Tumbling.

And in order to make sure this happens, I’m handing over my passwords to my partner who is going to change them and keep them secret from me. Aaron Bady (@zunguzungu) once did this and I have lusted after the idea ever since. I was going to write that it seems extreme but that’s wrong. It is extreme. But it’s time to finally do it.

I will still be blogging sporadically, probably most often on scATX Reads and my history Tumblr. And I will most certainly be upholding my editing duties at Flyover Feminism.

When I do well and feel like I have earned a reward, I’ll log onto Twitter and spend some hours chatting.

And most importantly, my sadness over being gone will hopefully propel me to get this damn dissertation done as quickly as possible.

Wish me luck.

If you want to reach me, please email me at scatx[at]scatx[dot]com.

Tweet you real soon!


4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. I don’t blame you. I created all kinds of OCD tendencies when I was working on my dissertation. Once you finish, relief will wash over you.

  2. Good luck! I wish I had the strength to do this when I was completing my thesis. I’ll probably need it once I start working on the diss. Anyways, you got this!


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