University of Texas, We Have a White People Problem

Over 4 years ago, Abigail Fisher was denied admission into the University of Texas, the school where I am currently getting my PhD. Fisher has since attended and graduated from LSU and now works as a financial advisor. Yet she is still legally challenging that, because race is a factor in admissions at UT, she did not have a fair shot at getting in since she is white. UT, from the outset, has said that her test scores were so mediocre that had she been black, she still would not have gotten in.

The case has been heard in front of the Supreme Court and we are now waiting to hear how they are going to rule.

I have written about this case before:

In the post discussing what counts as good proof in the Fisher case, I concluded with this:

Chief Justice Roberts scoffs at surveys that measure the isolation experienced by minorities on university campuses in the midst of a case whose ENTIRE PREMISE is that A SINGLE WHITE WOMAN (who has ALREADY attended a top tier state school and gotten a good job in a rough economy) feels slighted. Whose experience counts as “good evidence,” indeed.

I’m so sad that this case is about my school but I am endlessly proud of UT for standing up and defending diversity in admissions.

The first time I mentioned the case here was in a post rounding up the terrible racial things going down around the University of Texas, including Mexican-themed sorority parties and students of color being the targets of bleach-filled balloons.

And now this:

Controversial University of Texas at Austin law professor Lino Graglia gave an interview to the BBC in which he claims, among other things, that blacks and Latinos can’t compete with white students, particularly because of the fact that so many of them are raised in single-parent households. Graglia’s interview was related to the fact, as we’ve told you, UT is currently in a battle with a white student it rejected who claims that the school’s affirmative action program is to blame for her having to go to a second-rate college.

[side note: LSU people, aren’t you angry that Abigail Fisher is going around painting your school as second-rate?]

Gawker has the interview. I haven’t listened to it (it’s hard to convince myself to turn of this Les Mis soundtrack and play racist drivel) but my friend has told me it is worse even than you imagine from this description. Awesome.

Does Graglia have students right now? Is he teaching? Are some of those student black or Latino? He’s apparently been selling this ridiculous racist garbage since 1997 so I imagine his tenured job is nice and safe. And I imagine he will continue to teach black and Latino students. Double awesome.

[update: someone on Twitter wrote me tonight, “I had Graglia for Con Law. Many students of color declined to answer when called on, even though they were ready, b/c of his views.” ALL THE AWESOME, UT. This is just AWESOME.]

University of Texas, we have a white people problem. Stop being racist, white people. I’m begging you. Stop.


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