Body Armor for Kids Is Not A Solution

According to Tim Murphy at Mother Jones, there’s a company in Utah called Amendment II that “manufactures lightweight body armor for law enforcement and military use.” And about 6 months ago they began to make bullet-proof backpacks for kids that retail for almost $200.

I can’t get on Amendment II’s website because traffic is too heavy. Their sales are the through the roof following Newtown.

What I’d like to know is where the company officially stands on gun control. Until I can confirm it, I’m going to guess that based on their name and that they make all their money off people’s fear that someone will use a gun against their family, they don’t support it.

And yet they’re selling a product that can’t possibly do any good in a school shooting, especially when the gunman has a rifle like the one the shooter used in Newtown. Or, you know, the kid doesn’t have their backpack on their person because it’s the middle of the day, they’re 6, and it’s in their cubby. Or the gunman shoots them where the backpack isn’t. Or they’re 6 and they don’t know what body armor is or how to use it or when or they forget or they freak out in the moment and cry instead of shielding themselves.

Police wear body armor all the time, front and back, are trained to deal with shooters, and still die. A backpack on a 6yo ain’t gonna do anything. If that’s your solution, you need a new one.

Because this picture (from Murphy’s post):

black and white sketch of a backpack on left, then profile on right of girl bending down and holding backpack in front of her head to shield herself from bullets.


should not exist.

We should not live in a country where it is ever necessary to teach a child how to shield themselves behind a bulletproof backpack in case they get caught in the line of fire during a mass shooting at their school. Our practical solutions to the problems at hand should not be hoisted on the shoulders of our youth while the adults in our legislatures wipe their hands of this gun violence crisis. Ridiculous.

It is moral bankruptcy for a company named Amendment II to be making money off a scared parent for a product that won’t do anything anyway. US gun culture is horrific.


One thought on “Body Armor for Kids Is Not A Solution

  1. I don’t think it’s the same company, but KEYE had a story last night on an Austin man who’s been making these inserts since the VA Tech shooting in 2007:

    I truly cannot imagine believing that the solution to the hyper-violent American culture is to give a kid a bulletproof backpack. It feels like giving up on making things better to me!

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