Exercising Your Right

Can you IMAGINE what this must be like for people trying to get in and out of this clinic?

A screen shot of a tweet that reads "Yelling at people going in & out RT @hkearl: Day 2 of anti choicers terrorizing planned parenthood at 16 & L st in #DC" with a picture of a large number of people standing outside, crowding the sidewalk and entrance to the clinic

The choice words I’d like to say about those people who stand outside of clinics and scream in the faces (SCREAM IN THE FACES) and attempt to shame (SHAME) the people who are trying to get a medical procedure, who are making a personal decision, who are human beings who deserve respect simply for being human beings, are basically just a whole lots of curse words in every language ever invented in the history of the world.

Your morality is bankrupt if this is how you are choosing to spend it.


4 thoughts on “Exercising Your Right

  1. Unfortunately, I can totally imagine it, being an escort myself at an abortion clinic myself. But yeah, I certainly agree with you – and I could say a few choice words myself.

  2. When I had mine I had to cross a line of screaming people 2 deep. Nothing like this, but fucked up just the same. My sister was with my and I don’t remember what she said to them but I remember laughing my ass off at the time. It was a much needed comic interlude.

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