To Be Clear

UPDATE: There’s now a part 2.

Here is the tweet that has launched the breaking news that the Boy Scouts may *possibly* decide to be slightly less disgusting:

What I’m already seeing all over Twitter is people ONLY talking about the first part of this tweet and not the second.

So, the Boy Scouts leaked to Pete Williams that they are “actively considering” not FORCING their local units to discriminate against gay boy scouts and troop leaders. This tweet is saying that they are maybe going to decide to do the “state’s rights” handling of discrimination. They won’t do anything to stop discrimination, they will just no longer be the ones to demand it. That’s weak sauce at its weakest.

I’m not applauding this thing that may happen that really won’t do anything to help anything anyway except in a very minor way. Because I’m guessing that troops that aren’t hateful already probably don’t discriminate unless their hand is forced. That their actual practice of the rules is probably very different than the theoretical practice laid down from up high.

And, as a reminder, the Boy Scouts are terrible because of their anti-gay stance as well as their systemic cover up child abuse in their ranks. “Fixing” this problem — which, again, their proposed idea would not really fix anything — is only a small piece of a larger dysfunctional organization.

This news floater that they released via Pete Williams on Twitter means absolutely nothing except maybe that they’ve been financially hurt by the negative press and are trying to find whatever way they can to properly message their hatred to make it palatable.

My disdain for the Boy Scouts knows no bounds.

Now that I’ve seen it, I should add this:

NBC News, which broke the story, says the Scouts are “close to ending ban on gay members, leaders.”

The network reports that by allowing each local organization to select their own policy it would also allow sponsors and parents “to choose a local unit which best meets the needs of their organization’s mission, principles or religious beliefs.”

In a statement, GLAAD, the LGBT advocacy organization, welcomed the development.

“The Boy Scouts of America have heard from scouts, corporations and millions of Americans that discriminating against gay scouts and scout leaders is wrong,” GLAAD President Herndon Graddick said in a statement.

I guess. It’s not like the Boy Scouts don’t have a model of anti-discrimination which they can follow.

I feel like this is one of those moments where my annoyance with liberals comes to the surface: we cheer along ANY progress because it looks like progress.

The BSA is going to adopt a new policy that says, “If a troop wants to ban gays, then we’re okay with that!” Progress.

The BSA is going to put the burden of locating an amenable, non-discriminatory troop on the parents of the child or a potential troop leader. Progress.

The BSA gets positive press for literally doing the absolute least that it could possibly do in regards to this issue. Progress.


4 thoughts on “To Be Clear

  1. And this would still leave their religious discrimination firmly in place – the Boy Scouts won’t accept atheists or agnostics because the Boy Scout Oath requires one to swear to ‘do one’s duty to God’.

  2. Reblogged this on Big Blue Dot Y'all and commented:
    In other words…if it is easy for you to make your local Boy Scouts hate free, we will now allow it. But, if you live in a place where homophobia is cool…we are cool with you too. Cake and icing Scouts. Cake and Icing.

  3. The original NBC article quotes BSA spox Deron Smith as saying: “The Boy Scouts would not, under any circumstances, dictate a position to units, members or parents [or] require any chartered organization to act in ways inconsistent with that organization’s mission, principles or religious beliefs,” which means that local chapters will still be able to discriminate all they want. So, bonus points to the BSA for the gross hypocrisy of saying it would never dream of “dictating” a *NON-discriminatory* position to local units, after decades of dictating an *anti-gay* one to them, in contravention of the mission, principles and religious beliefs of many religious and civic organizations like the Unitarian Universalists, who ended their affiliation with the BSA over the ban.

    Having driven away most of the nondiscriminatory charter organizations over the past few years, however, the BSA’s reticence makes perfect sense. The vast majority, if not all, of their *remaining* chartering churches are expressly anti-gay and would presumably refuse to tolerate a BSA policy change that conflicted with their continued bigotry. Check out the numbers: With Mormon, Catholic, Methodist, and Baptist churches running the vast majority of troops, I don’t see meaningful change coming any time soon.

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