To Be Clear (pt. 2)

I just heard NPR report on the Boy Scouts possibly dropping their national discrimination policy against gay scouts and troop leaders and instead allowing local units to decide for themselves if they will discriminate.

Except that NPR said the national office of the Boy Scouts would “give local troops the freedom” to decide.

Aw, yes. FREEDOM.

How wonderful of the Boy Scouts to be so generous with that most sacred of our national tenants, FREEDOM.

And then NPR gave some asshole the freedom to voice his opinion about how all the gayz will now be at their national jamborees and oh the horrors!!

Glad this news story is being painted by NPR — no less — as the Boy Scouts being amazing (FREEDOM!) against the horrors of the bigots, like that dude NPR gave a 10-second bite to.

Reminder: all the Boy Scouts are doing is voting to no longer force local troops to discriminate. You still want to kick a 10-year-old gay child out of your troop, the Boy Scouts of America is totes cool with that!



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