I’m Writing Again! (or, an update)


But not yet my dissertation. I spoke to my therapist yesterday and we agreed that since my dissertation serves as a main source of my anxiety and since my medication hasn’t fully kicked in yet, it’s best to wait just a little longer before diving back into it.

So, I’m trying to focus on things that make me happy. And to that end, I’ve written two posts for two different sites today:

1) Does Writing Romance Novels Kill Masculinity? No! at Bitch Magazine’s Blog

Spence’s masculinity is a source of concern because romance novels are the most gendered of all literature genres. Romance has been derisively nicknamed “chick lit” or “mommy porn.” For a man to be a successful author of romance novels (which at 22 published Jessica Blair books, Spence is certainly successful), the implication is that he must shed his masculinity in order to be left with what is necessary to craft these tales: his feminine side.

2) Dallas Men to Rally Against Domestic Violence at Shakesville:

Deep in the heart of my home state of Texas, there will be an anti-domestic violence rally in Dallas next month led by the mayor of the city, Mike Rawlings. Who will be in attendance? The men of Dallas. Rawlings said earlier this week that he expects 10,000 men to show up to the rally.

Can we pause for one moment and let that sink in? 10,000 men.

Also, there are two things at Flyover Feminism that I want to draw your attention to:

First, a couple of weeks ago I spearheaded a week-long series on reproductive health, rights, and justice that ended up including 20 posts spread out over 5 days. It was an inspiring and challenging group of writers and ideas. I was so proud to have any part of it.

Second, I’ve started an interview series for Flyover that focuses on on-the-ground activism in places that normally do not get very much attention. The first post went up yesterday and it is with Nihal Saad Zaghloul, who has literally taken to the streets of Cairo to fight back against sexual harassment and assault.

Another thing: I am going to start a volunteer gig at one of my most favorite local sites, Austinist, writing about one post per week in their “news” section. I’m honored to be joining such a great site full of amazing writers.

I’m headed out of town this weekend to participate in the Take Root reproductive justice conference in Norman, OK. I am very much looking forward to being around other activists who struggle with similar issues to the ones we face here in Texas and I am excited about meeting some people who I’ve only ever conversed with on the interwebs.

Finally, I’m raising money once again for my local abortion fund, The Lilith Fund. I’ve set a huge goal this year of $3000. If you can donate, please consider it. The money will go directly toward helping someone who needs an abortion but can’t otherwise afford it. When you donate to an abortion fund, your ideology becomes action. You change lives. (for more on what Lilith Fund does)

Until next week!


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