Take Root 2013: Storified

A whole lot of people were tweeting about the Take Root conference on reproductive justice in the red states this past weekend (see my post about the conference here).

So many amazing things were said and I didn’t want to lose them to the Twitter vault so I took the time today to storify what I could. There were two panels (one on religion, another on obstacles to access) in which no one was tweeting.

Here are the links to the storifies (I *seriously* suggest you take the time to at least read through the one for Loretta Ross’ keynote address):

Queer Health Workshop: This workshop helps to educate participants on queer and trans* terminology, HIV/AIDS prevention, and related issues. This is our guide to why queer health IS part of our fight for reproductive justice and helpful ways to talk about it in your work and activism.

Nothing About Us Without Us: Red State Narratives in New Media: This roundtable discussion addresses new media platforms and strategies that are transforming RJ conversations and organizing approaches.

Plenary: Red State Perspectives on Reproductive Justice: This large session addresses all Take Root participants about red state challenges and solutions in reproductive justice, reflecting the organizing principles of the conference.

Keynote Address: Loretta Ross

Reproductive Justice Policy Roundtable: This roundtable discussion covers current pro and anti-reproductive justice legislation trends in red states along with strategies to address them.

New Tools in the Box: Remote Organizing in Flyover Country: This panel features stories and strategies from organizers in red states who take virtual organization beyond the symbolic and into the applied realm.

Depriving People of their Personhood: This mixed format session features discussion and individual panelist presentations about dehumanization experienced during pregnancy, transition, travel, and documentation processes.

Reproductive Justice At Any Stage in Life: Health and Service Provision within RJ Framework: This panel explores the ways in which service providers are giving comprehensive and full-spectrum care in least accessible and hostile states.

Consent, How Does It Work? Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Workshop: This workshop helps educate participants on how to negotiate consent, disclose STI status, and develop concrete communication strategies for healthier relationships.

Hostile Attitudes, Hostile Environments: From tense conversations with neighbors to clinic violence, how we all negotiate standing for reproductive justice in hostile environments.

Stories from the Movement: Powerful stories from members of all ages in this movement toward reproductive justice; wisdom from every step of the way, whether you’re just beginning or you’ve been here from the start.

Closing Remarks: Deborah Small


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