Today in Texas Reproductive Rights

Two things I will (hopefully) be attending today:

1) Texas Religious Leaders Support Birth Control: A Gathering for Prayer and Public Witness at the State Capitol. The event at the Capitol — open to media —  will publicly announce a statement signed by more than 350 Texas clergy in support of access to birth control.

My friend, Rev. Ellen Cooper-Davis (@Rev_Mother) will be one of the speakers. She penned a piece for the Houston Chronicle today:

In my Unitarian Universalist tradition, when we pray, we often invoke the Spirit of Life. Life itself, that which dwells in, among, around, between us, is a wonder-inducing mystery, a sacred gift worth not only welcoming, but honoring in the self and others by recognizing and upholding their worth and dignity; by affirming the holy truth that they are both deserving of love, and capable of loving, and have the self-determination to decide when and how to do so. This is our task. The life-giving, life-affirming work of preserving and enhancing dignity, affirming worth, and making more space for love by empowering the self-determination of people to choose when or whether to create life.

Every time a someone is empowered to decide for him or herself whether or when to have children of her own, Life is honored.

Every time a young person is empowered by education to exercise the gift of their sexuality responsibly and healthfully, Life is honored.

Every time a human being seeks to care for the gift of their bodies, no matter their economic situation, insurance coverage, choice of partners…Every time they are welcomed when they come seeking care despite having been turned away by the system, by the prejudiced, by those who would seek to control or coerce them, Life is honored.

Every time a child is born who is welcomed, loved, and for whom its family has planned and prepared, Life is honored.

2) Tonight I am hoping to go to The Catholics for Choice Happy Hour (but I RSVPed late so we’ll see). They are screening  the film The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics (you can watch it at this link).

Final thing that isn’t today specific. Carolyn Jones’ latest piece at The Texas Observer on reproductive justice in Texas. Family planning clinics are disappearing from rural Texas. Shit.

Totally related to this is Dan Patrick’s latest bill (he was the author of our forced ultrasound bill) would make it nearly impossible for rural Texans to get an abortion. Andrea Grimes’ piece at RH Reality Check on the Texas Senate Committee that considered Patrick’s bill last week.


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