Introducing My New Sports Blog: Power Forward

This blog is a total hodgepodge of topics. I sort of write about whatever I want as it strikes me.

As I slowly try to establish cred as a freelance writer who writes about sports, I figured it was time to section that writing off into its own space.

Therefore, I’m starting up a new blog called Power Forward. (it’s also on Facebook)

Credit goes to Arturo R. Garcia for the title of the blog.

Power Forward looks at the impact of sports on culture and culture on sports. The title reflects the basketball position that I played in junior high and high school as well as my desire to move the discussion about sports forward in a meaningful way.

It will also, hopefully, be a podcast soon. My good friend, Brandon de la Cruz (@statesidemenace), has already written the theme music for me. My friend Katherine Haenschen, editor of Burnt Orange Report and who can be found at @KathTX, will (we hope) be joining me as co-host in the near future.

In thinking of ramping up my writing about sports and focusing on some new projects, I decided today that I needed to let go of something else.

I wrote a post at my reproductive justice blog, Keep Your BS Out Of My Uterus, announcing that I am putting the site on indefinite hiatus. I also said this to the Tumblr community:

There are many things I can say about what this site has meant to me but I think it would all feel inadequate in the end.

And so, I think what would be most appropriate as my final words here are: THANK YOU.

Thank you for everything you all have taught me. The people on Tumblr – you – have held my feet to the fire, you have forced me to recognize my privileges and the way my language was excluding certain people from the movement, and you have shared with me your stories along the way. While I sometimes found Tumblr to be a space that was hostile, if you ask anyone who knows me, I constantly talk about how it is here that I have learned the most about reproductive justice and being a good ally.

THANK YOU, Tumblr.

And good night.

I have posted over 4500 times there since its inception over two years ago. Wow.

Looking to the future now…


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