Information about Boston Marathon Explosions and Their Aftermath

**I am NO LONGER doing live updates**

Phone Numbers:

  • If events trigger you due to past trauma, make a FREE call to the Disaster Distress Line 1-800-985-5990
  • Trying to locate people: 617-635-4500
  • Eyewitnesses: 1-800-494-TIPS

Useful Sites:


Hug the people you love. Tell them that you love them.


Tweet with hashtag #tweetfromthebeat if you have video or images from sites of the explosions.


Tweet with hashtag #helpers if you have any information to help people who in Boston and need a ride, a place to stay, something to eat, etc.


Dave Zirin’s post about this at The Nation, “The Boston Marathon: All My Tears, All My Love“:

In 1967, Boston Marathon gave us all a glimpse of the possible. Today we saw not of the world we’d aspire to live in, but the one we actually inhabit. Instead of the triumph of the individual amidst the powerful throngs and inspiration of the collective, we have tragedy, disarray, panic, and fear. Like a scar, it now marks us: the loss of security among the mass. But like a scar, we may need to wear it proudly. We will run next year because the alternative is too awful to contemplate.

My friend, Robert, on Facebook 27 minutes ago: “Not afraid. I’m officially running Boston 2014.”


President Obama: has allocated resources to help out in whatever way possible. “This senseless loss.” “All Americans stand with the people of Boston.” He warns about “jumping to conclusions” but says that “we will find out who did this, why they did this. Any responsible people, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.”

“Boston is a tough and resilient town. So is its people.”

“We will find out who did this and we will hold them accountable.”


1500 troops deployed in Boston. Report on WBUR says that Westin is on lockdown as part of lockdown in 15-block area. There are no plans for when that lockdown will be lifted.


Around 90 injured, 2 dead. Extent of the injuries “are terrible,” says WBUR reporter.


Governor: “everybody stay out of perimeter of explosions.” It is now a crime scene – it’s about 15 blocks around the explosion sites. They want people to go home, go to their hotels (where security has been prioritized).

They are working on setting up a “drop-in center” so people can meet up. They will announce that location very shortly.

Commissioner: He clarifies that JFK Library was an incendiary device or fire. Not yet connected to Boylston explosions. Be calm, go home, work closely with law enforcement.

No specific intelligence beforehand indicating that anything was going to happen.

Too early to get into the specifics. “Powerful devices.”

“We are questioning people but no suspects in custody.” Police were dispatched to every hospital, per protocol – “don’t read anything into that.”

There are fatalities, “but I won’t get into the details on that. There are people who have expired.”


Eyewitness on WBUR: Volunteer in the medical tent. They heard one loud explosion and then they heard a second. You could sense right in the there that something terrible had happened. For a while, they didn’t know what was happening. It was scary but she felt safe because there was “a lot of help.”


Pres. Obama to speak from the White House about #BostonMarathon explosions at approximately 6:10.


WBUR saying that NBC has corroborated NY Post report that police are watching a possible suspect at a hospital.


Eyewitness on WBUR: “I was in the VIP seating across from the first explosion. I didn’t watch it happen, I was looking the other way. I heard the biggest thing, felt it in the chest. My dad just hugged me and told me it was going to be okay. I looked up at the building and there was smoke and glass coming out. Seconds later, there was an explosion. I feel so terrible for the two people who died.” She said that her father told her to stay calm. Her father directed her out. She barely remembers it: “it was such a blur. It was very shocking. It was so scary.”


As always, @andycarvin is an amazing source of information.

Eyewitness on WBUR: she was working nearby. Saw a mass of people running into the store. The smoke had entering into the mall, causing confusion. Cops had them lock the door and keep everyone inside the building. Most people were family members and children waiting for their runner to finish the race. Lots of panic and lots of tear. It was frustrating and scary.


If events trigger you due to past trauma, make a FREE call to the Disaster Distress Line 1-800-985-5990 (via)

Website that gives advice on how talk to your kids about tragedies.

@MSNBC: “Officials say that Boston PD are “guarding” a wounded man at a Boston hospital as a “possible suspect,” reports @NBCNews #BostonMarathon


Mass General has 22 patients, 6 are in critical condition. All but 1 in critical condition are unidentified but patients are in surgery. They seem to be primarily leg amputations. All elective surgies halted.

Mass General is on lockdown, all hands on deck.

@MSNBC: “Boston Medical Center has received 20 patients, including two children from the #BostonMarathon explosion”


Reporter for WBUR is saying JFK site is most likely an electrical fire, not an explosion.

Al Jazeera’s live feed.

WBUR has a 13yo eyewitness on the phone. He was with his mom, friend of his sister, and his sister-in-law was just crossing the finish line. He had jumped fence to finish with her. As they crossed the line, he heard one loud bang, turned around, and smoke everywhere. Then another one went off. “I knew my mom, sister, and my mom’s friend were dead. My sister comes running up to us.” Everybody survived.


Numbers of injuries may be up near 80, possibly over 100.

This reddit thread is collecting information about the explosions.


Logan open, no delays reported.

Map of Boston Marathon explosions. Via Reuters.

Map of Boston Marathon explosions. Via Reuters.


Mayor will be speaking in maybe 30 minutes.

Over 60 people injured.


Google has set up a People Finder (though nothing on site has confirmation, take all with grain of salt)

Red Cross has a similar People Finder site.

AP: Cellphone service has been shut down in the Boston area to prevent any remote detonations

Boston Red Cross reporting they don’t need blood right now. Wait a couple of weeks and then donate.

Hospitals are on lockdown. If you think your loved one is at one, CALL FIRST before going.

Press conference just before 5:00pm EDT w/ Police Commissioner and Governor (most of this information is from the Commissioner):

2:50 pm there were simultaneous explosions of route of BM near finish line, 50 – 100 yards apart. Multiple casualties with each

Victims have been removed.

A third incident at JFK library (an explosion) about 30 minutes ago.

An ON GOING event. We aren’t sure these incidents are related but we are treating them as they are.

They want people inside. Don’t congregate in large crowds.

Two telephone #s:

  1. Trying to locate people: 617-635-4500
  2. Eyewitnesses: 1-800-494-TIPS 

People running from scene dropped a lot of things. Each bag on scene is being checked. They have not found another device but there was a controlled explosion (he warned they may continue to blow things up – doesn’t mean it’s a device, just suspicious). There is no specific type of truck we are looking for. They are investigating all leads.

Asked if this was a “terror attack”: “We are not being definitive on this right now but you can reach your own conclusions based on what happened.”

He doesn’t have number of casualties at this point.

Police want people to stay calm but this is ongoing.

You can listen to WBUR’s station online here. (WARNING: they do occasionally play audio of explosions)


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