Link Roundup For West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion (UPDATED)

Donations for the Victims of the West Explosion via Point West Bank.

How you can help West, Texas (KVUE)

Help Guide for West Texas (Waco Tribune)

West, TX Disaster Response FAQs from the American Red Cross.

Governor of Texas’ Information Page on how to help West, Texas.

Places to Donate:

@SongsForWest / A compilation album of more than 40 songs intended to raise support for relief efforts in West, TX.

[NOTE: Thank you to @JanieBT for sending me lots of these links]

The remains of an apartment building next to the site of the fertilizer plant that exploded. There is literally debris all over. A car is heavily damaged.

West, Texas after the explosion of its fertilizer plant

KCEN has an on-going collection of videos in their series, “West Recovers.”

The posts are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent on top:

April 30 (Tuesday)

April 29 (Monday)

April 28 (Sunday)

April 27 (Saturday)

April 26 (Friday)

April 25 (Thursday)

April 24 (Wednesday)

April 23 (Tuesday)

April 22 (Monday)

April 21 (Sunday)

April 20 (Saturday)

Obituaries for these 14 victims of the West, Texas explosion (AP and KXAN):

  • KEVIN WILLIAMS SANDERS: Teacher, Superman fan
  • MORRIS BRIDGES JR.: Father, motorcyclist
  • WILLIAM “BUCK” UPTMOR: Fence-builder, musician, rodeo devotee
  • JOEY PUSTEJOVSKY: A caring, devout man
  • PERRY CALVIN: Father, husband, firefighter
  • JIMMY MATUS: Firetruck-builder and operator
  • KENNETH HARRIS: Dallas firefighter
  • DOUGLAS SNOKHOUS: Firefighter, father, hunter
  • ROBERT SNOKHOUS: Firefighter, father
  • CODY DRAGOO: Firefighter, NASCAR fan, family man
  • JUDITH ANN MONROE: Grandmother, puzzle solver
  • MARIANO SALDIVAR: Loving husband and father
  • JERRY DANE CHAPMAN: Firefighter, video gamer, generous man
  • CYRUS ADAM REED: First responder almost done with EMT training

UPDATE on April 25: Today is the memorial for those lost last week in West. @WacoTrib is covering this well on Twitter (also see the hashtag #WestMemorial):

NBC News home page at 14:45CST on Tuesday, April 23. West is nowhere to be found.

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 2.45.41 PM


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