On Griner and Collins: My Piece At The Atlantic

[cross-posted from Power Forward, my blog on sports and culture]

A Screen shot of my post at The Atlantic

I wrote a piece for The Atlantic today comparing Brittney Griner‘s “coming out” and Jason Collins‘: The WNBA Can Teach Male Athletes About Coming Out and Being Allies.

I’m pleased with it. I enjoy working with the editor there. She helped me take complicated ideas and make them more digestible.

It’s hard to see something go up and know that it is there and you can no longer change it. I feel like I could have written 3000 words on this topic and was glad that I was able to get the post as short as it is. So, on some level, even as I tried for nuance and to complicate the way we talk about this issue, a part of me screams that there is yet more nuance that should be addressed. Alas.

I want to give specific credit to Trudy Hamilton for her piece at Gradient Lair that I cross-posted here at Power Forward last week for helping me think through all the different issues at play in the collective shrug that the media did in response to Griner openly discussing her sexuality for the first time. Her piece on this is simply brilliant. And short. How do you do that?

Wesley Morris’ incredible Grantland piece, “Brittney Griner and the Quiet Queering of Professional Sports,” obviously helped me frame this piece (I end the entire thing by borrowing a phrase from his work).

I also owe my friend Travis Waldron lots of thanks both for his piece on Collins at Think Progress and for emailing and tweeting with me about this yesterday.

And here is Jason Collins‘ piece that is worth reading the whole way through. I also really enjoyed Jon Wertheim‘s piece about the interview with Collins.

Here are other links that I used to create this piece (this is not comprehensive because I read a whole lot to prep):

And some links about Collins and/or the history of gay athletes that I think are important:


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